Preparation Instructions for Book Shipments
Rotarian Books for the World - 2010

The following paragraphs detail the preparations of books for shipment to other countries by Rotarian Books for the World. You can also download this information in a PDF file.

It's important to separate Spanish language books from English and other language books. Spanish books go to Central and South America. English and other language books go to Africa or India. Please box the books and mark the boxes with an "S" for Spanish or an "E" for English and other languages. Palletize the Spanish books separately from the English books. Please place an 8 ½ by 11 inch sheet of paper in very bold print on each side of the pallet with the following information:

  1. First Line - Source of the Books (Who has collected and is shipping the books).

  2. Second Line - Language - the word "English" (including all other languages except Spanish) or the word "Spanish"

  3. Third Line - Destination - if the shipment is not intend for a specific school or person then print the word "OPEN" else give the name, address, and phone contact for the receiving party.

Building the pallets is important for the survivability of the books for sea transport. The boxes on the bottom are firm. The boxes must be set square on the pallets. Please stack the boxes carefully. The pallet is finished off with a flat top so that a pallet can be stacked on it. Firmly shrink wrap the pallet with multiple wraps. Optimum size is about 42 inches high including the pallet.

Our current host warehouse is Exel, 9705 Texas Highway 225, La Porte, Texas. The contact is Jesus Tellez, cell 281-479-6385, office 281-288-6067, and email Exel hosts us without charge in an air conditioned warehouse. They also do all the unloading, storing, loading of the containers for us. Clark Freight is hosting the transfer of the books from Exel to the Port of Houston. Please send an email to Charlie Clemmons at when you ship indicating the number of pallets of English and Spanish, their expected arrival time, and the information on the side of the pallet.

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